Pre Shoot Tips & Tricks

So I decided to create a small blog post in order to highlight some of the key areas that should have special attention paid to before you go to your photo shoot.

You really wouldn’t want to compromise your opportunity by arriving to a photo shoot without some foresight into what will be required and how to prepare for an event like this.

Prior to arriving at your photoshoot you should firstly research the photographer to get some insight into the style and type of work they portray. Having some understanding of this will make things a lot easier when working together on the day of the shoot. 

Understand exactly what you want to achieve and the types of images you are expecting to come from the shoot. Please don’t turn up hoping that the photographer will be able to do all the footwork for you. If unsure, grab some pictures from magazines, google images etc Bring them on the day and show the photographer the ideas you have in mind. Some direction is better than none!

So without further adieu lets discuss some tips on how to get the most out of your photoshoot!

Model: Lauren Bradshaw shot by Illuminatus Photography

Model: Lauren Bradshaw shot by Illuminatus Photography

Practice poses

Most people are unaware of the amount of work involved or pressure the photographer is under whilst shooting. If he/she has to spend a great deal of time trying to direct you into a new pose every shot, then the shoot and final result will suffer greatly. There are plenty of videos on youtube available to learn from, so please put some practice in before hand to make the shoot flows nicely on the day. Aim to have a new pose for every shot the photographer takes!

Turn up on time

This is really quite simple, but you maybe surprised by the amount of clients/models that turn up late. To avoid creating an atmosphere or losing time on your shoot, turn up at least 10-15 mins before hand so you can prep and be ready to go.

Dress code

Make sure the day before the shoot all required items of clothing are clean and ironed, ready to go. There is no need to add time to post processing by having to force the photo editor to iron out creases or clean up dirty marks. Personally my biggest gripe, especially within the fitness industry, is dirty trainers. A brand new outfit or perfectly chiselled physique can easily be ruined by a old/dirty pare of footwear, please don’t do it!

Hair, make-up and oils

Clean, healthy and shiny hair is going to look the best on the day of your shoot. Please make sure you have your hair styled and ready to go prior to the shoot to avoid losing out on shoot time. Bring hair products and a comb if necessary to quickly restyle for a different look in between locations/set ups etc Having the ability to change your hair style would be a great advantage on the day, so have a hairband/bobble at the ready so you can fix it up or down quickly.

Make up, like hair, needs to be ready to go prior to the shoot. Please note that if the make up creates a shine this could create an oily/shiny look on the skin which is very difficult to iron out in the post processing stages. If you have a clear powder to put over the top of your finished look then please bring it and apply just before you step in front of the lens. 

Oils, for fitness shoots need to be used with caution. Just like the make up creating an shiny look, things like baby oil will also look this way causing an issue within the post processing of the images. If you feel oil is necessary, I suggest from personal experience using grapeseed oil, it’s far less glossy but helps just as much to add some depth to those shredded muscles!

Quick note: Please do not wear excessive amounts of jewellery/make up/accessories on the day, keep it simple and as natural as possible!

Finally relax and get some sleep

Don’t worry or make yourself anxious about the shoot the night before. Eat a light healthy meal and drink plenty of water. Dehydrating yourself the night before will only make your body hold onto water and make you look soft. Get a good nights rest so you look nice and lively the next day.

Diligence and professionalism will be rewarded in the modelling business. Always assume that your photographer is working on your behalf to provide you with as much exposure as possible as their success is also reliant on your success. Portfolios will increase the likelihood of you securing assignments and thus increasing your modelling bio.

Have fun, stay relaxed, enjoy the experience and smile!

Model: Lauren Bradshaw shot by Illuminatus Photography

Model: Lauren Bradshaw shot by Illuminatus Photography